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Stationmaster`s News

Aug '16  Trainorama S class and GM class rerun order forms are now uploaded click here

22 Sept '15   Just arrived... SDS Models FX Flour Wagons.

 Welcome to Railway House

Railway House no longer stocks a large range of product....another victim of the decline of bricks and mortar retailing.

A couple of years ago a very well known manufacturer/wholesaler/retailer changed their arrangement for suppling product to retail shops. We are no longer able to order newly released product with any guarantee that that stock will be supplied to us. In fact, we cannot even order new product until that supplier has satisfied all their direct customer orders. In many cases the most popular liveres and/or running-numbers of a new product sell out quickly. Understandably, customers do not want to miss out on specific releases and, therefore, choose to buy direct from that supplier via their web site or at exhibitions.

We cannot compete in this unfair market and have been forced to significantly reduce our stock holding of Australian outline product.


If you have any questions, please contact us.